Hello bloggers. As a beginner, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Wan Fitriah and 18 years old, study at Kedah Matriculation College for 1 year. Live at Besut, Terengganu Malaysia. I am just an ordinary girl and I’m the youngest in my family or in Korea we call it as ‘MAKNAE’. I don’t know why other people said being a maknae in family is lucky. Being a maknae is nothing for me. I don’t feel anything special about the title because family members attention is just equal as my brother and sister. And I don’t want people look at me as a maknae in family. Thats why I act as a tough girl in front the others. So, from that way they will forgot that I’m the maknae in my family. I love to watch and read thriller genre. I also love about adventure thing but I don’t have a chance to do that. I love red colour since upper form. I would like to be a lecturer but back than I am a little confuse about my ambition. So now I will just study hard and get 4 flat so that I will re-think about it. Lucky_Star_(Shinee_song)

So, now back to my main point. As you see my title post is LOL_kpop_SHINee. I would like to share about my interest in them. First for all, I will tell you how I start to be a kpop lover. I start to be a kpop lover in form 3 through my friends. One day in hostel my friends show me and the others one music video which is from korean band 2PM title Hands Up. I watch it too just for fun because during that day I do not know anything about kpop and I don’t know Korea has their own music. I find out a music video and the members of 2PM is so cool. From that day I start to follow them. I being their HOTTEST which is the title name for 2PM fans since last year, 2013.

But since the end of that year I started to be a SHAWOL, the title name SHINee fans. Now I will tell you how I started to be a SHINee fans. My sister have a variety show in her laptop which is Hello Baby. First I just watch them and I find out they have many cute side and charm. Hello baby is a KBS show. Its about they will choose a band that will be a main character in that show. So, SHINee has been chosen. SHINee has to take care one kid in their own way. So the kid has to be separated from their parents and start a new life with SHINee. The kid name is Jung Yoogeun and he is so cute and genius kid. Since then I keep re-run the show and I don’t even feel sick to keep watch it although the show have been broadcast about 5 years ago. I will continued my story about SHINee next time. I will introduce SHINee members to you all. Bye. Anyeonghagaeseyo… ^^


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